About KU Pharmacy Summer Camp

KU Pharmacy Summer Camp gives high school students and incoming college freshmen a chance to see what the pharmacy profession is all about. Participants will spend camp on-campus, experiencing in-person, hands-on activities related to the current pharmacy curriculum.

Camp participants will be given the opportunity to:

  • Learn about various pharmacy practice settings including community pharmacy and institutional hospital practice sites
  • Visit campus research laboratories and interact with basic science faculty
  • Utilize the pharmacy school facilities including lecture classrooms and the pharmacy practice Skills Lab
  • Participate in hands-on, non-sterile compounding of medications
  • Discuss current pharmacy practice methods with real life practitioners

Participants will be guided through the activities by current pharmacy students and school of pharmacy faculty. Join us in exploring the pharmacy profession!


Former campers and current pharmacy students share their thoughts on KU Pharmacy Summer Camp.

Sabrina Flint

Sabrina Flint, KU Pharmacy Class of 2026

“My experience while attending the KU School of Pharmacy summer camp was indeed a memorable one. I walked in with curiosity about the profession and left with a desire to be a part of the change this field will bring to communities across the country. Summer camp provided great insight to different branches of pharmacy, responsibilities of a pharmacist, and detailing just how far this career may take you.”

Morgan Dalton

Morgan Dalton, KU Pharmacy Class of 2026

“I attended pharmacy camp in the summer of 2017. I had made the assumption that the daily tasks of a pharmacist only included counting pills. However, KU SOP Summer Camp opened my eyes to all of the responsibilities and opportunities within the profession of pharmacy. Pharmacy is a challenging and rewarding career. I am so glad I attended camp; I wouldn’t be on this path if I hadn’t!”

Bekah Unruh

Bekah Unruh, KU Pharmacy Class of 2026

“I attended the KU School of Pharmacy summer camp as a high school junior and it opened my eyes to the various opportunities in the profession. I learned about the different practice settings like hospital, retail, clinical, laboratory, and so much more, which really solidified my decision in pursuing a career in pharmacy!"

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